Adriane Ceallaigh-
I've been writing since my mid-teens I enjoy the process of pounding out words in large chunks... I don't so much like editing, but strive to do my best with the skills I have. I'm good at reading for flow and content,  sometimes I am slow at returning the project.  So if you'd like me to read your stuff I will, but might take awhile with it. (I'll be really honest, and I'm very blunt...)
I've got two books close to going out, and two more serials I'm working on producing, they are both in rough draft format... and will need a lot of clean up, but that's why their free to read as I write them.

Voss Foster-
I've been writing fanasy, science fiction, and erotica for several years. I am a regular participant in NaNoWriMo and have written two manuscripts and counting. I edit writing as well as write. I am currently in the process of editing my first manuscript.

Frances Pauli-
I write Speculative fiction with romantic tendencies. My work is published electronically and in print in just about any length from flash to novel. For years now, the Muses group has been many things to me: a critique circle, a support network, a *guild* and at times, just plain therapy. Regardless, it is always a fun place to hang out. I'm sure we'll post links etc. but in the meantime you can find my work and more ramblings at:

Jaleta Clegg-