Monday, June 27, 2011

Problems with blogger and Google comments

This was posted in the blogger help forms.
The other way to fix it so your readers can comment is to go into your settings and click on comments then click full page comment form placement instead of embeded.
hope that helps since the company isn't fixing this problem these are ways to work around it.  
You may have a problem with authentication, and with cookie filtering.  

First, try a different login procedure.
1. Login to Blogger using "".
2. Do not check "Remember me".

If that does not help, try a second time..
1. Clear cache, cookies, and history - then restart the browser.
2. Login to Blogger using "".
3. Do not check "Remember me".

Alternatively, you can enable "third party cookies".
To enable others to comment on your blog, you can temporarily modify your comment form to either pop-up or whole page comment form until this issue is resolved.

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