Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SpoCon 2011

Well, myself (Voss Foster), Jaleta Clegg, Frances Pauli, and Adriane Ceallaigh are headed off to SpoCon.

Why should you care? Simple--the writing glory we'll bring back to you wil be...glorious!

We plan to bring back water from the holy font of the SpoCon author-dom, including C J Cherryh, Patricia Briggs, John Dalmas, and Alma Alexander.

The best part is, we'll give it up to you for free! Isn't that incredible...okay, bad sales pitch. On top of it all, our own Frances Pauli is joining said list of names on the panels, so applause for her.

Now, if we don't post on this one, which I plan to encourage over the course of the weekend, you can find our information on the con on our own personal blogs, listed below.

Frances Pauli: Speculative Friction
Jaleta Clegg: The Far Edge of Normal
Adriane Ceallaigh: Adriane Ceallaigh
Voss Foster: Demon Hunting and Tenth Dimensional Physics

We'll see you at the end of the weekend,
The Muses

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Muses Moses Lake said...

Right on Voss! you rock! I fixed the thing in the side bar. It was complicated.I need to get ahold of you to tell you something else. :) Thanks for keeping the blog up you rock. Take Care