Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The Moses Lake Muses Writing Group was founded June, 2006 out of a love of the written word and a desperate need for cheap therapy.  In Washington State’s Columbia Basin, particularly around Moses Lake (in case the name didn’t give that away).

We have writers of all different experience levels, styles, and genres. Each member sets his or her own personal goals for their writing. The Muses are there to support this writing addiction with advice, coffee, hugs, coffee, and coffee.

This blog came about because of a desire to help aspiring writers by saving them the trouble of learning the hard lessons themselves. Each Muse brings a different set of skills, experience, and knowledge, to the blog.
In short, we welcome you to read these “musings” in the hopes of helping you slog through the writing jungle that we all navigate.

Happy musing,

The Moses Lake Muses


Frances Pauli said...

woot. Yay Muses and bring on the coffee.
Nice intro. :-)


M.Baker said...

Thanks For Being So Supportive And Being the First To Post At My Arm Twisting.(D) I Need Some Of That Cheap Therapy Right Now!