Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Word Choice

No one wants to use the same word over and over again. It's easier to repeat "walked" every time your characters move, yes, but there's also "stumbled", "galumphed", or a plethora of other words to replace it.

Now, varying word choice is a topic that has been beaten to death, revived, and beaten to death again. I don't intend to cover it anymore than it already has been. This is all about drugging the little brain demon that throws out words like "emerged" and "tympanum" because you've been taught to vary your words as much as possible.

That little demon really does need to be drugged, I promise.

I really promise.

There are certain words that just don't belong. I can't actually tell you there are words not to use - everything has its place - but I will tell you that certain things need to be avoided.

1: Anything technical can probably be explained in a way that isn't foreign to everyone without a doctorate. No gluteus maximii or canis lupus or anything else no one normal can understand.

2: Nothing that makes your commoner sound like royalty (unless that's the effect you're looking for). Nobody needs to emerge from their barracks (I am guilty of that).

Those are the two big things that amateur writers tend to do (and professional writers are guilty of it too, I'm sure). if anything just makes you laugh to read it (unless it's a comedy), change it to something more appropriate.

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